Domain Age ? Does it matter?

Domain Age ? Does it matter?

Domain Age refers to the length of time a website has been registered and Active.

Domain Age is important For SEO purpose in search engine rankings as an domain ages it becomes more trusted for search engines.

As we all know how fussy Google can get on who gets on the first page and how costly it is to pay to reach it. Google goals are to provide a user friendly experience. This provides the relevant website to your query.

Having an aged domain is a powerful tool and has substantial value, If you’re able to acquire an aged domain name with significant PageRank or an extensive back link profile, absolutely a great investment.

Domain age is critical, but content matters more.

Domain age will be factored into a determination of a website’s quality,  that makes other aspects of SEO extremely important for new websites.

New sites cannot afford to let SEO slip.

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