About Us

Web design


At c-Roach Designs we offer you a range of options when it comes to creating a website for your business or organisation. We realise the importance of marketing on the internet if you want to have a chance of competing in the highly competitive World Wide Web (WWW) today.

We offer innovative web design to communicate your company's website image and brand .

Years of experienced programming skills, web design, Corporate Identity Design and web hosting services we offer a solution making your websites compatible with mobile browsers on cellular phones and Android Devices .

Few things matter more to a business owners than an outstanding user friendly website that will keep customers online and create leads and customer service. C-roach offers Chatbox  / live chat is a platform for digital messaging and collaboration between businesses and their customers over text, live chat, social and email.


Database Management Systems


We also offer advanced Database Management services. These include Database Design using LAMP (Linux, Apache MySQL and PHP), Content Management Systems, Online Systems.

Databases completely transform companies of any size into highly competitive businesses that give the outward appearance of an efficient, professional outfit; one that customers will want to use again and again and will not hesitate to recommend to others.

c-Roach designs builds simple-to-manage database driven websites that customers can easily maintain by themselves. With full training and support included, you will be sure to get the most out of your database.

For helpful, expert advice on databases and to find out how they could benefit your business, contact c-Roach designs to discuss your specific needs.


Corporate Identity


What do you believe people think and feel when they see your logo or promotional material? Is all your marketing consistently portraying the image and beliefs of your company? Here at c-Roach Designs we not only take care to ensure your brand gets the necessary attention.

c-Roach Designs can give your company brand a unique look that will defiantly will be notice


Little time on your hands we can also design for you:

Logo Design

Letterhead Design

Business card design

Business folder

Corporate Identity Manual

Folder / brochure


Put us to the test !!! contact c-Roach designs to discuss your specific needs.